Funky Dee Are You Gonna Bang Doe

As you will already no doubt be aware, Lord of the Mics has given many of the UK’s most talented artists a platform to stand on.

The event has hosted some of the biggest clashes in grime history, including Scratchy vs Footsie, Skepta vs Devilman, and the classic, Kano vs Wiley.

Now excuse me if we’re wrong, but we never had Funky Dee down as a lyrical Grime artist. I mean, how difficult must it have been to write the lyrics ‘Are you gonna bang, are you gonna bang doe? Are you gonna bang, are you gonna bang doe?’

So we were shocked a bit surprised when we saw Funky Dee tweet that he was just leaving Lord of the Mics.

Eyy? Surely he could not be clashing anyone? Perhaps he was playing cameraman?

Now, Funky Dee is not exactly one of the most popular of guys on Twitter, so this tweet caused an uproar. Grime fans made it clear on Twitter that they were not impressed at all. The respect towards Funky Dee was minimal

Anyway, perhaps we should not be too quick to judge. Let us wait and see what he has in store for us.

He might just bang doeeeeeee.