I’ve heard that jail can be a little bit… lonely, if you know what I mean.

And since his release, grime artist Giggs apparently has a lot of pent up frustration to, how shall I say, beat out of himself.

He has made it clear who he wants to give the opportunity of obliging him by tweeting:

She owes you? Caveman much, Giggs? So basically, she owes you sex because you knocked out a couple while watching her in your cell!? Wow!

Anyway, I’m sure she wasn’t personally teasing you, Giggs.

“It’s all for youuuuu, Giggs, I’m coming at you big boy… I’m all yourssssss…” sings Amanda Reifer on Giggs’ prison TV set

He then furthered his efforts with:

He could at least learn her name first. Google is your friend. Amanda Reifer.

Others noticed the MC’s desires and were quick to respond:

A follower helped him out by @ mentioning the Bajan singer and telling Giggs what her name was:

RT @d_drury7: “@officialgiggs: Cover drive hottie,if you are reading,we can make this work.” @AmandaReifer<< thanks bro,so that's her name

Maybe now that she’s been mentioned she’ll see it and respond and call him and they’ll get married? Or maybe she’ll ignore it.

Here’s a few more pictures of the sexy Bajan singer who, let’s face it, is being groomed for a solo career to rival Rihanna. Has anyone told her bandmates yet? The pawns.