Giggs seems determined to come back with a bang, even if this means working with some artists we probably wouldn’t expect.

The rapper is in the studio working on some new music with Mark Ronson. Yup, you heard right. He took to Instagram to give the fans a sneak peak into what he’s cooking up, tagging one of the photos ‘Me & Mark Ronson goin at it. #whenwillitstop’

Mark’s lending a hand to Giggs on his first LP since coming out of prison called When Will It Stop.

Mark Ronson has worked with some huge stars, Amy Winehouse, Nas and Adele to name a few, so this is a pretty big deal for the south London rapper.

Whether Mark is producing for Giggs, or featured on a couple of his tracks, we’re sure the end result will be an instant hit. I definitely can’t wait for his new music to be released, it’s been far too long.