Even though she is competing to win this year’s X Factor, contestant Jade Ellis probably could have taken the fast track to fame on the arm of her ex-boyfriend and JLS singer Marvin Humes.

Talking to Look magazine about her relationship with Marvin, the X Factor hopeful says:

I met Marvin from JLS when we were 12 because we both sang in local talent competitions. By the time we were 15 we fancied each other but were both so shy we wouldn’t talk to each other so our friends passed on messages. We had a long distance relationship from the other side of the room

One side of the room to the other isn’t exactly a long distance… And it doesn’t sound like much of a relationship either.

Jade, aged 25, has since come out as a lesbian and admitted to not wanting to be mentored by Nicole Scherzinger because of her crush on the ex-Pussycat Doll. In an interview back on 16 September she told The Mirror:

Tulisa’s pretty but Nicole is more my type. I hope I get Gary or Tulisa as my mentor. Nicole might be distracting

Well Tulisa’s got the girls so that means Jade can really focus. Also Rochelle doesn’t have to worry about Jade ever trying to steal her man back then.