Jessie J poses for Elle magazine

Tulisa has done it. Labrinth says he wants to do it. Now Jessie J and Wretch 32 have said they want to do it too.

Everybody wants to be a fashion designer. Fair enough, they might want to use the fame they’ve gained to venture into new things or maybe they’ve actually always had a passion for fashion, but this bandwagon is getting too heavy now; Tinie Tempah even complained about it (maybe he forgot he’s also done it).

Wretch revealed his fashion plans to Irish newspaper, Belfast Telegraph

I’ve been working on some clothing ideas with some other artists, but until it’s finished and in my hand, I don’t know what’s happening with it. I’ve been speaking to designers and coming up with some interesting pieces.

I see it as a different way of expressing art. I’ve always been into fashion and clothes, and sometimes I see stuff in the shops that I think I can do better.

And talking to The Sun, Jessie J has also revealed her plans to work with fashion designer Stella McCartney to create a collection together.

I just spoke to her and we’re hopefully going to work together soon. She’s an incredible designer. There’s one playsuit, black, white gold belted… I’m definitely growing into fashion.

The whole fashion designer route may have worked for Victoria Beckham – to be fair she wasn’t much of a ‘musician’ to start with – but Wretch, Tulisa, Jessie and Labrinth are going to have to put in a lot of hard work to gain her fashion status.

Or maybe just jump off the bandwagon? Tinie, tell ’em.