Jourdan Dunn isn’t only a chiselled face on perfect legs, ohhhhh no.

Not content with being a supermodel she has only gone and bagged herself a role as a TV presenter for rap legend Jay-Z who has offered her a spot on his YouTube channel.

Judging by her figure you’d never suspect she was one to have a hidden talent when it comes to food.

We can’t imagine Jourdan ditching her lippy for a wooden spoon and throwing it down, but we are more than excited to see if she can handle the heat of the kitchen!

The new YouTube channel, called Life and Times, is set to launch this Saturday and will feature Jourdan showing off her culinary skills on her own segment dubbed Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn.

Jourdan is eagerly anticipating the launch of the show, tweeting

And that’s not all she’s ready for, as she has wisely prepared herself for any online critics. She tweeted

Supermodel by day. Chef by night. Who’d have guessed!