In an interview with the Daily Star, Labrinth has accused the MOBO awards of becoming watered down and confused because of its celebration of commercial pop artists. Speaking about two of this year’s nominees he said:

I think it is a bit weird because Ed Sheeran doesn’t make black music, and neither does Conor Maynard – he makes commercial pop.

Luckily, Ed Sheeran hasn’t taken offence to Labrinth’s comment by tweeting that he actually agrees that his MOBO nomination is ‘weird’.

But this wasn’t a case of pointing the finger as the singer had a go at his own music:

Even I’m not making black music. It’s commercial music, but at least it is more related to hip-hop so it makes more sense.

Labrinth, who is performing at the MOBOs this year and nominated for three awards, then used his lyrical songwriting skills to think up new names for the awards ceremony:

I don’t think it should be called the Music Of Black Origin any more. It should be Music Of Urban Origin, or just Music Awards.

‘Music Awards’? That’s a rubbish name. However, Labrinth isn’t the first to say that they think the MOBOs has lost it’s way.

The MOBOs have been defending its decisions for years and has even been accused of being ‘whitewashed’. Last year, the awards ceremony suffered a backlash after it was revealed that Jessie J and Adele had received the majority of nominations.

So what do you think? Do you agree that the MOBOs no longer represents black music?