Labrinth in judges chairs

Labrinth. The next X Factor Judge?

Looks as if Labrinth is liking the idea of being a future X Factor judge after performing his newest track, Beneath Your Beautiful, on the show last night!

Yep, you read that right. Labrinth, who recently slated the X Factor, posted a picture of himself posing as a judge on Instagram (above), before the show went live at 8pm yesterday.

Let’s just remind ourselves of what poor old Labby said to The Sun paper about the oh so cheesy X Factor:

I’ve been forced… I think artists who take their craft really seriously don’t go on it

Really? Were you also forced to look like you were having such a good time and made to post these pictures on Twitter?

Emeli and Labrinth before performance

Labrinth: ‘Oh no Emeli, we’re on X Factor. We can no longer call ourselves serious artists!’

It’s no surprise then that after becoming number 1 on iTunes only hours after performing his latest track, featuring Emeli Sande, Labrinth has nothing more to complain about, tweeting:

And it looks as if Emeli loved performing on X Factor too, tweeting moments after their performance:

So Labrinth, does this mean you no longer take your craft seriously?

Hmm… We forgive your u-turn Lab, just maybe in future never say never?