New Track: Beneath Your Beautiful

So who’s heard about Labrinth singing with the beautiful Emeli Sande on the X Factor this Sunday?

Pretty much everyone, but we can all still get excited.

Ahhhh Labrinth!

But wait. Wasn’t it you, Lab, who said that artists who take their craft seriously don’t go on the X Factor?

I think artists who take their craft really seriously don’t go on it

Yeah, yeah, we know you claim you’ve been ‘forced’ by your boss Simon Cowell to go on the show, so we’ll be looking out for the ball and shackles as well as the snipers in the wings with guns trained on you.

Oh, and we expect the worse possible expression on your face that you can get away with to show you’re unhappy with the situation.

The one where you look like you’re taking a big shit will work, if you reckon you can pull it off.

Hmm… Are you sure it’s not just a publicity stunt Labrinth?

We’re all gonna be watching Labby. Better pray for an earthquake or something.