It’s that time of year where the temperature drops and the weather is not so good and to protect us from the change, our shoes need to get more comfortable and protective; but it doesn’t mean that style must be sacrificed.

Here are a list of shoes that are in this season, and will help you to look good while also being weather appropriate.

Take a look at some of the celebs above rocking theses trends and then immerse yourself into the pieces we’ve pulled out below to help you get the same look.

And because we’re exceptionally good to you, we’ve made it so you can just click through to the stores where you can buy them too. Don’t say we never do anything for ya!

Smoking slippers

Since Summer 2011 these shoes (which used to be worn by rich, old men when they reclined to the drawing room for a puff on their pipes) made it to becoming one of the year’s hottest shoe trends. And this Autumn and Winter the trend is still going. No smoke without fire.

First introduced by designers like Christian Louboutin and Alexander McQueen, the smoking slipper doesn’t have to look like you’re wearing your granddad’s slippers. With studded and animal print versions available, smoking slippers have become the perfect alternative to ballet pumps and will go with any outfit, casual or dressed up.

 Smoking Slipper by Warehouse – £28

Houndstooth Smoking Slippers by Forever 21 – £18

Block heel

For a comfortable yet stylish way to wear heels this season a block heel is the perfect way to go. Although the chunkiness of the heel gives off a tough and edgy look, it can easily be worn with skirts and dresses for a night out. Also, the chunky heel gives enough stability for the shoe to also be worn casually throughout the day.

T-Bar High Heels by Schuh – £80


Coloured Chunky Heels by Forever 21 – £13.99


Hi-top trainers

This year, trainers were no longer considered the chav’s accessory and with wedged versions seen all over the high street this Summer, the usually sporty shoe now can look more dressed up. So it’s good news that this comfortable and casual style of shoe which can be worn with virtually any outfit is still in trend for Autumn and Winter.

Nike Blazers by Foot Asylum – £64.99

Supra Skytop Trainer by Foot Asylum – £84.99

Over-the-knee boots

A shoe that’s going to keep nearly all of your leg warm, what more could one want? A mix between sexy and practical it allows you to still go bare-legged without getting too cold.

And for a style change-up, it can be worn with trousers for an equestrian look. Even though it’s a trend that repeats itself year after year, there’s a reason why – this type of shoe is versatile yet gives enough coverage for the cooler months and has gained itself the status of being a staple wardrobe piece.

Hunter Wellington Boots by Foot Asylum – £78.99

Suede Over The Knee Boot by Forever 21 – £32.75

Cap toe shoes

Reminiscent of the classic Chanel cap toed ballet pump, the cap toe shoe has been trending since Summer of this year. Like the smoking slippers, the cap toe shoe is a cool alternative to the traditional ballet pump that one would usually wear as their staple flat shoe.

The cap material which can be anything from leather to suede to metal, it can be worn with a multitude of outfits and carry you all the way through to Spring 2013.

Cap Toe Flat Shoe by Wallis – £29.50

Cap Toe Ballet Flats by Forever 21 – £13.75

All prices correct at time of publication