Leona Lewis has revealed her embarrassment at her auntie stalking Will Smith at a party.

The singer met the Fresh Prince for the first time after her aunt “stalked” him all night to take a picture with him.

Leona told Celebs On Sunday magazine:

I took my auntie to an event and she stalked Will Smith saying ‘I’m going to get a picture of you with him.

But she marched up and dragged him over to me and said, ‘You need to have a picture with my niece Leona, she’s a singer.

Leona was relieved when she found out that Will has actually heard of her music:

Even though she was being a crazy person, he’s used to it I imagine, but he knew who I was so that was kind of cool.

Awww, it’s nice to know that celebrities have embarrassing families too! Anyone else picturing Will blasting ‘Bleeding Love’ through his mansion?