Dame Judi Dench wears DENCH with Radio One DJ Greg James

Dame Judi Dench wears DENCH with Radio One DJ Greg James

Lethal Bizzle has been touting his DENCH line of clothing for a hot minute now and many uppity bloggers and commentators who don’t understand it or have no sense of humour have dissed him hard about it.

But last night superstar actor Dame Judi Dench, who plays M in the 007 James Bond films, gave some degree of legitimacy to Lethal’s cause when she revealed in an interview with Radio 1 DJ Greg James that she and her whole family wear Bizzle’s T-shirts around the house, and have done for some time.

It all started after her Grandson Sammy told her about the rappers brand. The Oscar winner said

My grandson told me about it. There’s one with Dench Gang on the back. It means cool. I’m thrilled

I know what you’re thinking. What?!

Even Lethal B himself doesn’t believe it after freaking out on Twitter:

If you’re still not convinced listen to the BBC Radio 1 interview yourself (50 minute mark). This shit is funny!

OK, Lethal you get serious ratings for this. Your next mission, if you decide to accept it, is to convince Dame Judi to wear an item of Dench clothing on the red carpet or to meet the Queen.

That would be DEEEEEENCH!