Stooshe must have known that their cover of legendary girl group TLC’s Waterfalls was going to be a risk. But with T-Boz and Chilli starring in the video, the single has been received pretty positively.

However, washed-up, has-been, musical quitter Lily Allen popped her head out from Irrelevant Street to show that she didn’t appreciate their efforts.

Because, of course, everyone wants to know what Lily Allen thinks. About youth unemployment today, about the current state of education, about the US Presidential race, and especially about Stooshe’s cover of Waterfalls. Lilly Allen tweeted:

After hearing the song on the radio, she tweeted Radio 1 presenter Nick Grimshaw:

The ‘Jesus h Christ’ part gives me the impression that she did not like it.

Stooshe noticed her tweet and responded with:

Oooouuucch! Scratch!

Bascially Lily criticised a song produced by the same guys who produced her own debut album, Alright, Still. To which Lily replied:

Well I guess that told her then, as she scurried back to Flat 1 Irrelevant Street with her tail between her legs to lick her wounds.

Stooshe then went on to add:


What a positive and very grown-up way to deal with negativity from somebody who should really know better. Well done ladies!