49-year-old Eric Banton from Northumberland Park in Tottenham brutally beat 91-year-old Lynne while she was doing her shopping on Talbot road in Highgate.

Just one day after his release from jail, did Eric Banton want to go to church and thank God? Did Eric Banton go out for drinks to celebrate his new-found freedom with his mates and repent his wayward life?

No. Eric Banton decided to brutally attack a defenceless and frail pensioner. On a Tuesday afternoon.

Banton battered Lynne so much that she was left suffering with a blood clot to her brain, broken arm and severe bruising.

He has now been sentenced and sent back to jail by Wood Green Crown Court. He’ll do 11 years.

Why did he do it, I can hear you asking. Robbery. He mugged her for 20 quid. Battering a pensioner for 20 lousy pounds.

I can see all the Free Eric Banton campaigns on Facebook already.