In what sounds like the storyline of a Nollywood movie gone wrong, a Nigerian man has been jailed for 20 years after using juju on three teenage girls he used for sex trafficking.

Osezua Osolase from Kent, tricked the girls with promises of a better life, and brought them over from Nigeria. The girls, one of them only 14, lived in his home for a while, before he shipped them off to mainland Europe to work as prostitutes.

Apparently he used the juju ceremonies to frighten the girls into falling in line. One of the girls said that in one of the ceremonies that took place in Nigeria, they took samples of her blood, and cut the hair on her head, and her pubic hair.

The sicko even went as far as raping one of the girls, though he knew he was HIV positive.

He has been found guilty of five counts of trafficking, one of rape and one of sexual activity with a child, and will be spending the next 20 years of his life locked up.