Marbella. A place of sun, rich chavs and trouser snake antics. Now we wonder if Amir Khan’s fiancée Faryal Makhdoom knew this before she gave her boxer partner the thumbs up to go off on a lads holiday… We think not.

It’s been reported in The Sun that the former boxing world champion stepped out of the matrimonial ring and beat two girls on the same day. Let’s hope he boxed with gloves.

But surprise surprise, being the chavs that they are, one of these side chicks hoes holiday fling bints has spilled the beans and exposed the Bolton boxer as a love rat.

Solicitor Tanya Reed, explained how she and Amir kissed in a hot tub wearing nothing but her underwear but didn’t realise at the time he was engaged.

I’d left my shoes on so I didn’t lose them but he ripped them off and threw them out of the pool. Then he started kissing me and I thought ‘I’m kissing Amir Khan.

Of course you did you silly cow, and pound-signs were chi-chinging in your bikini slips at the same time, weren’t they? Should know better, she’s a solicitor FFS!

She continued:

Now I know he’s engaged I think he’s an absolute slime bag. I feel sorry for her. If I could say anything to her, it would be don’t marry him because he is a cheat

How honourable of you. Now if you hadn’t come out and sold your story, Amir’s fiancée might have had some respect for your sisterly advice. But, I doubt she’ll listen to a tramp.

Now onto romp number two.

Sources claim that the 25-year-old boxer got a little too friendly with promotions girl Natalie Kane at the same pool party. A source said:

Natalie and Amir were together most of the day. He was pouring champagne in her mouth and at one point they slipped in the pool together

Amir and Natalie allegedly met up with each other four days in a row, and she spent two nights at his Spanish villa.

Now we already know that Amir Khan is a whizz at making excuses, how could we forget the stripper acrobat gate back in June?

A spokesman defended Khan yesterday saying:

 While our client does accept that he and some friends were in a Jacuzzi in Marbella and that there were women there and some light-hearted byplay, our client did not have sex with any woman on that trip.

Hahahaha, not on ‘THAT‘ trip.

Amir being a man of few words tweeted yesterday

Yeah yeah yeah. Just let us know if we need to return our wedding gifts, John Lewis only gives 30 days.