Mario Balotelli has apparently splashed out £750,000 on a new Italian home which he will share with his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

The Manchester City striker is reportedly giving his romance with model Raffaella Fico another try in a bid to build a secure family for their baby, which is due near Christmas.

Mario has reportedly bought a new mansion in Milan, which will provide a base for Mario when he is not playing with City.

Architect Elisa Bianchi told the Daily Mail:

The apartment is made to measure but it has been very difficult to sort out as he is only in Italy every now and then very briefly. Most of our meetings have been at McDonald’s over a quick hamburger and beer.

What was that? Beer in McDonalds? That just sounds all kinds of wrong.

The initial contact I had was with his brother Corrado. I think the idea is for him to have an Italian base close to his adoptive family home. He will be very pleased with the apartment. It is high tech and very tastefully furnished with bright, light rooms and wonderful views.

After initially demanding a paternity test to prove Rafaella is pregnant with his child, it’s nice to see Mario taking responsibility for his comings and goings.