Melanie B Facebook

It looks like former Spice Girl, Mel B, doesn’t check her Facebook fan page comments, and what naughty comments they are.

Remember that seriously cool picture Mel tweeted last month to help raise awareness for breast cancer? This is what fan Luke Campbell commented, soon after Mel’s fan page team posted the picture of her and husband, Stephen Belafonte, recreating Janet Jackson’s classic 1993 Rolling Stone cover (above):

I’d f**k you so hard


When you post a picture like this you’re asking for trouble, and we suspect Luke isn’t the type of Stan fan Mel really needs leaving comments. But seriously Mel, you need to get your team to check your Facebook fan page more often because this shit is too funny. Not! And you have young fans.

Then, when Mel’s fan page team posted the X Factor picture below with the caption ‘Did you prefer Mel B on The X Factor UK or The X Factor Australia?’,  hater Dustin Duvall-Black commented:

Neither cuz shes a fucking bitch

Mel B Facebook

Oh dear…

To be fair, artists with such a huge fanbase can’t possibly have the time to read through every comment, but isn’t that what Facebook filters are for?

And we’re sure Mel B has mignons doing this for her. We suspect someone’s head will roll when this comes to Scary Spice’s attention.

Have you seen comments like these on other celebrities’ Facebook and Twitter pages? Let us know.