Mel B looked great on Australian X Factor in her blue fitted leather dress didn’t she? So good she decided to wear it again.

A fan page posted a picture of her wearing the leather dress styled with a chunky silver chain and her hair slicked back in a ponytail dated 29 September but was probably filmed months ago.

…Then on the same Facebook page they posted another picture of her wearing that dress at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards, which took place on Saturday, with her hair slicked back again and wearing a thinner diamante necklace.

Being the superstar she is you’d think she’d have a bigger wardrobe budget than that.

OK, maybe it’s not such an issue to wear the same clothes twice but to be styled in the exact same way?

And everyone knows the rules right? If you’re not photographed in your outfit then it’s cool to wear it again, psshh, there’s no evidence you wore it.

Can you imagine Posh Spice wearing such a distinctive outfit again so publicly?