X Factor Nathan and Ne-Yo

With the thirteen X Factor finalists now chosen and competing in the live shows, many of us have been left wondering how Starboy Nathan could have been left out of the line-up. After all, he’s already had some chart success, toured with JLS and N-Dubz and released a couple of albums.

But guest judge Ne-Yo (who helped Nicole Scherzinger wittle down her final three boys for the competition) explains that Nathan’s performance of Beautiful Monster (which is Ne-Yo’s song) didn’t seem ‘honest’ enough.

Speaking to Pappzd Magazine at the launch of his new drink Malibu Red last week, the 29-year-old superstar said:

He didn’t sound bad at all. For me, with him it wasn’t that he had a bad voice, he can actually sing really well. It’s just in comparison to some of the other guys, there was a bit more honesty to the artistry in some of the other guys.

I didn’t really have an issue with him singing my song, like it wasn’t a bad thing. He actually sounded better on my song than he did on the song he did previously. It just didn’t seem honest to me. That was the only thing about him that I didn’t necessarily dig.

ne-yo and nicole scherzinger

After the judge’s houses episode of the show aired, Nathan cleverly released a YouTube video revealing his reason for auditioning for The X Factor, explaining that he was trying to build up his ‘people power’ and gain more supporters.

And while some may think that was perhaps unfair, Ne-Yo believes it was a good move. He said:

I say kudos to him, but everything isn’t for everybody. Every competition is not for the person that you would always expect. He’s got more recognition, a couple more people see your face, a couple more people know your name, now it’s up to you to take that and do something with it. So yeah, I think it was good for him.

It will be interesting to see where Nathan goes from here and like Ne-Yo said, it’s up to him to use all of this new found support to really get his music the recognition it’s been lacking. Although he might have to work on that ‘honesty’ first.

Do you agree that Nathan seemed like he wasn’t as genuine as the other contestants? Leave a comment and let us know.