Nicole Scherzinger (r): Who’s the Female Boss now? Bi-aatch! Tulisa (l): Do my calves look hairy in this?

Okay. This is getting ridiculous now. 3-0.

Every week we see Tulisa Cont-style-herself step out on X Factor and get her arse kicked stylistically next to the beautiful Nicole Scherzjkihkj. It’s embarrassing.

Now fair enough, Nicole is possibly one of the most beautiful women in the world (something the FHM anoraks should take note of) but Nicole’s fashion sense is always on point. Whereas Tulisa, well, she seems to mug herself off every week.

Tulisa (l) lost the X Factor Live & Results show style battle for the 3rd consecutive week to the super hot Nicole Scherzinger (r)

Now, I know X Factor are paying her big bucks to appear as a judge, and so she has to do what they say – which includes wearing the clothes by the designers the X Factor producers have made mega-bucks deals with. But they do get to choose which of those designer’s pieces they wear.

Tulisa must know that she is under pressure to match up to the amazing Nicole Scherzinger every week. Somehow Nicole manages to always get it right, from make up, to hair, to her outfits. There are two female judges on the panel, of course we are going to make comparisons.

Last night, Tulisa stepped out in an ensemble which reminded me of my high school prom dress, and I didn’t have a high school prom! Despite that, Tulisa managed to add a touch of ‘cham’, (chav glam) with an added gold waist belt.

Of course, Nicole got it 100% right again last night, and looked stunning as she stepped out for the X Factor results show in an amazing futuristic black mini dress.

Tulisa please, after the show has finished just make your way to Nicole’s dressing room with a pen and notepad. Take notes. Take loooots of notes.