(l) Noel Clarke and (r) Idris Elba

Naomie Harris supports it. Idris Elba is unsure about it. And Noel Clarke thinks it’s a death warrant.

In an interview with the Sun, the Kidulthood creator stated that he thought there’d be many people against a black Bond.

I feel like the pressure – and I’m not a racist or a militant – the pressure of being the first black Bond would be so much, it would kill the person that did it.

He then carried on saying how Idris – or any other non-white actor – wouldn’t be right for the role:

I don’t know if he’ll get it. I don’t know if he’d get it, I don’t know if any of us would get it.

I feel like – if anyone’s likely to get it, it would be him. But I feel like the pressure of it would be like – why would you put yourself through that?

Any of us? Are you included in that ‘us’, Noel?

When he was asked if he thought that he ever had a chance of being the next Bond he responded:

To be offered it would be amazing. But it’s never going to happen. Never ever going to happen.

Repeat that one more time for me: Never going to happen.

And we get it, there’s going to be a lot of pressure! If you think it’s going to be so stressful Noel, then maybe it’s a good thing that someone stronger is being considered for the role.

We think Idris will be awesome, we think he can handle it and we think you’re talking yourself out of a role you’re probably not in the running for.