Being one of Britain’s most famous and youngest screenwriters and directors, Noel Clarke is bound to make a few cinema misses right?

His latest film The Knot, which was dubbed as the British equivalent to Bridesmaids and The Hangover, has received some less than complimentary reviews.

The film which was released last week Friday has gotten reviews from the likes of Guardian newspaper critic Peter Bradshaw who said:

Having sat through it, the only knot I cared about was one securing the noose with which I wanted to hang myself. It is relentlessly bad.

Suicide? Um, that’s pretty harsh.

However, Noel Clarke refuses to take full responsibility for the negative reception of the film which he co-wrote and also stars in, along with Mena Suvari, Kojo the comedian and Arnold Oceng aka Snakeyman.

It’s fine Noel, as long as you’re proud of yourself. That’s all that really matters…