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A white mother-of-two was freed by Manchester Crown Court on Friday despite CCTV footage showing her racially attacking a random Indian man back in May this year.

Amanda Lowe, 26, attacked the man in an act of unprovoked racial aggression as he was making his way home from work through Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester.

The CCTV footage shows Lowe, from Rochdale Road, Blackley, Manchester (an area predominately populated by council housing) calling the victim, Khuram Nisar, a ‘Fucking Paki’ and a ‘Terrorist’.

Mr Nisar told Lowe’s boyfriend, and baby father, Wesley Earls, 26, who is also from the same area in Manchester to ‘control your woman’.

So of course, Earls got up and punched Nisar in the face, with more punches being thrown by Lowe’s cousin Daniel Wray, 21, from Salford.

All three then began to assault Mr Nasir, pushing him to the floor. Amanda Lowe then continued to kick and stamp her victim on the head in front of her four-month-old and eight-year-old children as well as passers by who just stood by and watched.

The footage then goes on to show Lowe thrilled with herself after the attack, as she made her way back over to her pushchair where her children were. 20 minutes later, police arrive and arrest all three attackers.

On Friday the court heard, and saw the attack, and it was revealed that Amanda Lowe had been drinking in the sun earlier that day whilst caring for her two children. A criminal offence by itself.

Yet Judge Lindsey Kushner spared Amanda Lowe (who is pregnant again) because of her children, saying:

I think all of you can think yourselves lucky. You could easily have been dealing with a care case here

Judge Kushner then went on to warn Lowe of the damaging effect this behaviour could have on her children and told all three that next time they will be sent to prison.

Lowe outside her home in Blackley

Lowe was freed despite the fact she has been convicted for acts of violence four times in the last six years. She was given a 12-month sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to attend a programme for female offenders.

Earls and Wray also got a 12-month sentence, suspended for two years, on the basis that it is unfair to give them a harsher sentence when Lowe was the main attacker.