Now who remembers when N-Dubz filmed their TV programme Being N-Dubz back in 2010-11?

Do you recall how Dappy was acting like a petulant little child and was slating the fact that N-Dubz were even involved in a reality show? He had a stink attitude throughout the series, acting like a right little diva at times.

Fast forward to 2012 and it has been announced that ITV2 is preparing a brand new reality show called The Madness of King Dappy.

Oh deary, fucking me.

Erm.. King Dappy? Do we get the vibe someone is feeling themselves up a bit? Yep, indeed so.

Dappy told the Mirror:

Na na naaiiiiiii

Then he said

It’s gonna be bigger and badder than TOWIE, and much better. You’re gonna see me with all my friends going crazy and get a look at the mischief I get up to.

Badder. Mischief. Friends.

I find it hard to believe that Dappy actually said that. If he did, I Know people like Lethal Bizzle will have a field day shooting him down. “Mischief”? Who the fuck even says that, apart from Mary Poppins? Jheeeze!

The revelation is already causing a small outrage on Twitter; in the way that Twitter keyboard warriors can outrage:

I’m going to make a note of those Twitter ID’s and check to see how many of them tweet shit like “Loving it,” “Dappy rules,” and “#FML! My stupid mum’s funeral is on the same day as Dappys tv proggy so I’m gonna watch it on plus one. The funeral, that is.”

And other stuff like that.

Will you be watching ?