Rebecca Performing

On last night’s X Factor the beautiful Rebecca Ferguson, 26, ditched her usual glam style for a drastic makeover, wearing a very unflattering gold catsuit to perform her new single Backtrack.

Remind you of anyone?

Looks like the X Factor star has taken a leaf out of Kim Kardashian’s style guide and gone for a more, erm… adventurous look.

Kim Kardashian and Rebecca Ferguson

But we can’t just blame Rebecca for this nightmare outfit. Not only was Rebecca wearing an outfit that clearly didn’t suit or fit her, but the stylists got Tulisa’s outfit all wrong last night as well.

To make matters worse, the Liverpudlian singer, who is known for singing on the spot behind the mic, was obviously told by producers that she had to move around the stage.

Rebecca performing on X Factor

It was clear that she felt uncomfortable during the whole performance but instead of staying true to her usual style, she decided to sit on a stool and hold a guys hand when she walked back and forth across the stage.

I didn’t release you couldn’t walk Rebecca!

It’s a shame really, as her voice was as breathtaking as ever, but unfortunately last night’s performance will always be overshadowed by her awkwardness and hideous outfit.

Rebecca, next time stick to what your good at darling, just standing still and singing.