left: Aston Villa’s Darren Bent (cousin) right: The accused Richard Bent

Richard Bent has been found guilty of stealing money and possessions from the dead.

Forget borrowing from a friend or taking out a loan, former PC (he has now been suspended from the force) Richard Bent just swipes items from dead people’s homes.

The Bent cop, and cousin of footballer Darren Bent, tried to justify his behaviour to a colleague, saying:

No disrespect, but he’s dead. He wasn’t going anywhere soon.

Ah. That makes it alright then!

Richard Bent initially claimed his footballer cousin Darren Bent was behind all the valuables he had recently acquired until it was found out he had stolen them from a Mr Rustam Ghandy who had died.

Bent, who is from Wandsworth in south-west London, admitted to two counts of theft, however he denies taking the victim’s passport, cheque book and bank statements.

Richard Bent has been sent packing from the police force and ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work.