As Adele settles into life as a new mum, she’s been receiving gifts from around the world with people wishing her well.

Jessie J sent the mum babygrows; one with ‘my mum is a rockstar’ and another saying ‘just done 9 months inside’ – a fitting present for new mum.

Rihanna obviously hasn’t quite understood what being a mum means, and has apparently sent Adele lingerie saying: “You gotta stay sexy, yummy mummy. Enjoy yourself. Congrats!!!”

Erm… “Stay” sexy? We’re talking about Adele here. Does yummy mummy have a different meaning in America than over here? We reckon this was a pressie she forgot to send to Beyonce and thought ‘what the heck, lemme just send it to somebody, already’.

I’m sure Adele loved the lingerie really but the real question is when are we going to get a glimpse of the baby boy. We’re dying to ‘awwww’ at how adorable he looks.