Stop effing around on Twitter and get the hell out of NYC, Rita. Now!

With the whole of the east coast of America closed, Rita Ora is stuck performing in New York as Hurricane Sandy gets closer and closer to making landfall threatening mass destruction to the land of the free.

With all of New York’s transport systems being shut down and people being told to evacuate the city, the amount of people attending her gig will probably be… next to zero. Either she’s incredibly passionate about her fans and music, or she’s incredibly, passionately stupid!

New York City sits and waits for Hurricane Sandy to do its worst

Amidst the hurricane which has already killed more than 50 people in Haiti and around the Caribbean, Ms Ora has found time to be excited about being on X Factor next week.

No, I think you’re gonna die. RITA ORA stop tweeting and get the hell out of that city! Madness.

It’s no surprise Rita thinks it’s her time, it’s not like Rihanna was on the US version last year – I hope Rita doesn’t think she’s on the same level. She seems just as excited about that as she did about starving in NYC. WTF?

A deserted Grand Central Station in NYC as Hurricane Sandy threatens to destroy all of civilisation

Well, we will probably be seeing Rita next week, that said, I might watch strictly instead…

Having said all this, let’s hope the hurricane doesn’t do too much damage and mess up NYC like Katrina did to New Orleans. Because we can’t have another priceless Kanye West moment like this.

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