Despite nearly all of the East Coast of America being evacuated, with a blackout, transport lines being closed and most people staying indoors to protect themselves from Hurricane Sandy, Rita Ora has thrown all common sense out of the window and is still pushing on for her performance at Highline Ballroom in New York.

The concert, which Iggy Azeala and Havana Brown are also performing at, is meant to take place later on today. It has not yet been cancelled but with the severe storms happening, it’s unlikely that either artists or fans will be able to make it. But for some reason, Rita Ora is still feeling positive:

But why are you fighting? Subways and roads have been flooded and there is a blackout!

Meaning no electricity or even people, which surely means no show. What aren’t you getting?

On your day? I doubt that Sandy is out to get you specifically Rita. This storm is expected to affect up to 60 million people along the whole of the East Coast yet you’re complaining that it’s spoiling your day?

So far 16 people have been reported dead as a result of Sandy but why the hell not risk death to watch the legend that is Rita Ora? According to my calculations: Rita Ora >>> regular people’s lives.

Oh, it’s worth it then.

Luckily, fellow performers are a little bit more screwed on and are realistically doubtful about the chances of there being any performances today with Iggy Azeala jokingly tweeting:

On my way to the show in NYC....

DJ Havana Brown also tweeted this message from her phone:

A follower even tried to tweet some sense into the singer:

A subway station flooded by Hurricane Sandy

New York has also just been declared a national disaster. Just in case Rita is still hopeful, maybe she should turn on the news?

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Would you risk your life to see Rita? Tough question!