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The England under-21’s football team were racially abused and violently attacked by their Serbian opponents and fans, moments after their 1-0 triumph at the Mladost stadium in Krusevac last night.

Paul Ince, father of Thomas Ince who set up Connor Wickham’s goal and was working as a pundit for ESPN, commented:

 Things like that are not what we want to see in football – it takes it back to the dark ages.

The most disgusting part of this whole story was when the Serbian fans chanted monkey noises at England’s black players to which the Sunderland defender Danny Rose, 22, retaliated and was then given a red card for kicking the ball into the crowd.

To the young player’s credit, his only reaction was to sarcastically stick his thumbs up to the crowds and mimick monkey gestures as he walked off the pitch.

Danny Rose Monkey Impression

Despite all the photos, radio and television recordings at the stadium, this morning the Serbian FA have denied any forms of racism towards any of the England under-21 players and have claimed that Rose behaved in an ‘inappropriate, unsportsmanlike and vulgar manner’ towards their fans.

Yeah right Serbian FA. Because it was Danny Rose who, with his amazing talent for being able to project his voice like a ventriloquist and create the sound of tens of thousands of Serbians, was making all those monkey sounds.

And oh yeah, we forgot he somehow managed to morph into all of them and jump up and down in the stands making the actions. Sorry, we forgot he could do that, you’re right. Our bad.

It’s not the first time Serbian football has come under the racial abuse spotlight. In 2007 Serbia were fined a ‘whopping’ £16k by UEFA for racist chanting by their fans, but it appears that the fans, Serbian players and officials just don’t really give a monkeys about sanctions.

How do you feel about the whole incident? Should Serbia be banned from playing any more European Championship games? Let us know?