Best and Worst dressed male artist at Shakedown festival

Shakedown festival this year had loads of great male artists including Dizzee Rascal, Jacob Plant and Union DJs.

But Kojo Vihram from The Frontline looked fly alongside Clement Marfo, with his sleeveless leather jacket, black felt Trilby and gold Casio watch.

Then again there were other artists who just couldn’t be bothered to put on a brave face and instead wore their nan’s knitted jumpers *cough* Professor Green. What were you thinking? It’s hideous!

Watch out ladies he could be getting so comfortable with Miss Mackintosh that he will develop a beer belly and a beard next! But then again Professor Green doesn’t seem to give a damn about anything much, telling photographers to piss off during his set.

Manners wouldn’t go amiss.

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