Some chick clearly pissed off Sneakbo, and he was not happy about it.

A series of tweets from the rapper last night, suggest someone’s got on his bad side.

It started off with this:

Then later a string of clearly annoyed tweets suggest that all was not well with Mr Sneakbo.

Possible woman trouble perhaps? Not sure I support his use of the word bitch though, there are probably some other less offensive options he could have used.

It seems like he later cooled down though, and he tweeted about needing to fly out for the weekend.

The last time Sneakbo tweeted something like that, it was a euphemism for “I’m going to jail, so you won’t see any new tweets from me for a while.

He tweeted the message below to throw everybody off the track while he silently slipped away to jail last year. Now, we’re not saying we know anything you don’t, but the tweet and build up looks like something we’ve seen before. #JustSaying

Watch this space…