It would be fair to say that Nathan, or now better known as Starboy Nathan or even Nathan Fagan Gayle received a harsh backlash from the public after he appeared in the X Factor auditions a couple of weeks ago.

A lot of people weren’t supportive of him being on the show as he has been quite successful in his own right over the years, working alongside JLS and N-Dubz just to name a few of his achievements. So this brought around a bit of confusion.

Nevertheless, Nathan (who cleverly added the ‘Starboy’ to make himself more easily searchable on Google) made it past the first round of auditions. He made it through to bootcamp and he made it to the judge’s houses.

We were actually starting to believe that Nathan had a chance of being in the live shows, and perhaps even winning.

But then unfortunately, on Sunday night, he was cut from the Boys’ group by judge and mentor, Nicole Scherzinger who decided to take on James Arthur, Jahmene Douglas and Rylan Clarke through to the live shows.

Nathan narrowly missed out on a place in the live shows, even though he delivered a decent performance to Nicole and her surprise guest Ne-Yo during the judge’s house auditions in Dubai.

However, at first I wasn’t sure why Nathan chose to perform Ne-Yo’s own song, Monster, in front of the American star as it came across as a bit cocky. Even Ne-Yo went on to comment ‘It felt like ‘look how cool I am’, it almost takes away from the fact that he’s actually a pretty good singer.’

But Nathan later issued a tweet clarifying the situation

Another case of the X Factor producers simply setting up a contestant to fail so as to fit in with their predetermined script for the pantomime.

A lot of people online made their opinions clear, saying that this whole thing was a ‘fix’ and that Nathan was a ‘failure’, and once it was found out that he had not made it through to the live shows, the dimmer people on Twitter started laying into him even more:

However, straight after the results were released, Nathan posted a video on YouTube explaining exactly why he went on X Factor and making it clear that he was not a signed artist. He revealed that he has not, in fact, been signed since 2004 when he made his first banger Come Into My Room.

As suspected, Nathan went on to X Factor for publicity and recognition. Is it fair that people are mocking Nathan for chasing his dream?

Unfortunately, he’s no longer in the competition, but he did what he set out to do, which is highlight his talent to a wider audience.

Good luck to the man, and well done to him!