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As we all already know, a familiar face in Nathan Abraham Lauren Fagan-Gayle aka Starboy Nathan appeared on this year’s series of X Factor, and since his arrival on that X Factor stage the singer has had Twitter going crazy, even trending a couple of times.

Many people tuned into X Factor last night to see what would happen next in Starboy Nathan’s journey, and to their shock, or joy for some, viewers saw the singer make an early exit.

Nathan is clearly a clever guy as immediately after his exit he uploaded an explanation video on YouTube to set straight his story about his appearance on X Factor. In his Tulisa-like video explanation he answered everyone’s questions, even discussing why he even went on the show in the first place.

As usual people took to Twitter to vent their feelings about Nathan even being involved in the first place:

Hmmm, hard! They obviously didn’t have any belief in Nathan’s X Factor journey.

One person even had to use a famous image of Jay-Z to express their reaction to Nathan being on X Factor:

However some people did have strong supportive things to say. A fan tweeted Nathan saying:

Producer Dready (who produced Every Gyal for Chip & Mavado) sent some encouraging support to the Starboy:

Wretch 32 who recently collaborated with Starboy Nathan had this to say:

Radio presenter and comedian Kojo sent some more support to his friend Nathan:

And Nathan himself had this to say:

It seems Starboy Nathan has some strong fight in him and is going to keep pushing on with his music.

We can only hope Nathan keeps going as hard as he says and brings out some music that is close to Come Into My Room and Do Without My Love.

None the less, we salute you Nathan; the battle is on.