Teachers at a wacko religious school in south London have been arrested and charged with cruelty to their students after parents complained  about the cruel punishments they dished to children.

Rally Ikiebe, head teacher of Chrysolyte Independent Christian School, her husband Joseph, and two other teachers  are being investigated after a parent complained that children had been beaten and received Chinese burns.

One of the other teachers, 33-year-old Adenike Ameen, is Ikiebe’s niece. The other teacher is Olasumba Baruwa, 48. All have been bailed to return to to court in December.

The children at the school were also allegedly slapped, punched, bruised and cut with a ruler, all in the name of discipline.

One parent said her son, who has special needs, had his arm twisted behind his back, and was punched.

Parents are already pulling their kids out of the £8,000 a year school, which Rally set up with her husband. But I won’t be surprised if the school isn’t open for much longer.

Someone needs to let them know we’re in England, and this isn’t the 1950s.