Cameron Rose was 16 years old when he killed Rhys Lawrie

Cameron Rose was 16 years old when he killed Rhys Lawrie

18-year-old Cameron Rose, from Eltham in south-east London, was found guilty yesterday, of the manslaughter of three-year-old Rhys Lawrie, the son of the irresponsible 28-year-old woman he was beating.

Rhys Lawrie, 3, was killed by his mothers toy boy lover

3-year-old Rhys Lawrie was killed in horrific circumstances

Rhys Lawrie, who suffered from epilepsy, was killed by Rose at his mother, Sadie Henry’s home in Erith, Kent on 21 January last year.

Cameron Rose was just 16 years old at the time and had been sleeping with 26-year-old Sadie Henry since November 2010 when he was attending a special school for emotionally disturbed youngsters. However, this obviously didn’t give Sadie Henry any clues that he might not be a goodun.

28-year-old Sadie Henry kept bumping uglies with her toy-boy for 9 months after he killed her son

Gruesome Killing

Now, if you don’t like hearing seriously messed up details about child cruelty click off this story now because this will make you belch.

The court heard that four days before little Rhys died, Rose swung the three-year-old with his right leg into a hard object causing massive head injuries. The mother was out with another son and had left the toddler with Rose to babysit.

To get the picture, you have to imagine Cameron Rose picking up the toddler and swinging him really fast and really hard into something solid as if he was a cricket bat. When paramedics found little Rhys he had a serious head injury, bruising to his face, ears, body, both legs and his right leg was broken.

However, a hospital discharged Rhys and sent him home where he later died from his massive injuries.

Sick, sick bastard, huh? But it gets worse. Because the toddler’s mum continued to have sex with the boys killer after he died. What the &*%$^*&??

She told the court that she carried on seeing Rose for sex until September 2011 when the police arrested her for obstructing the investigation by trying to cover up the relationship. September 2011. The guy killed her son in January 2011. That’s 9 months. Let that marinate; 9 months.

Really though, just how good was this youngster in the sack? I mean, come on!

Sadie Henry told the court:

I felt guilty because my three-year-old son died and the person I cared about saw him die.

Now that I look back, I do see myself as irresponsible but it was not as sordid as it was made out to be

She added:

I thought he died from natural causes. I thought I should have been there.

When the prosecution suggested she must have been obsessed with the young boy, especially after it emerged Cameron Rose had tried to break off the relationship before the killing, Sadie Henry denied it, saying:

I was attracted to him. I didn’t see the consequences.

I was not obsessed. I cared about him. At the time I thought the feeling was mutual.

Bitch, why are you lying? What big grown woman can carry on taking it from the schoolboy toy-boy who killed her son and then say she wasn’t obsessed. It’s quite obvious you were obsessed. With him, with his pipe, and with the way he laid it on you. Shame on you. Shame.

And remember we told you Rose was in a school for emotionally disturbed youngsters? His defence for the way he battered little Rhys was that his elbow accidentally hit the toddler in the face when he was in bed with him and that he fell off a kitchen counter. Only an immature kid can come up with that type of excuse.

Cameron Rose will find out his sentence on 29 November.