I know you guys must be tired of reading about Tulisa and to be quite honest I’m sick of writing about her too. But with her new fashion line being launched yesterday I thought, why not?

So Tulisa has teamed up with Bank for her fashion range and the launch was yesterday in Westfield London.

Tulisa turned up in an interesting choice of dress. Surprise, surprise – the leopard print mixed with neon ensemble is actually from her own line. She hasn’t revealed where she got her fashion inspiration from but judging from this I think it’s safe to say we all know her secret now.

Three words: Shepherds Bush Market.

Well at least the outfits didn’t have far to travel. I mean, I can’t say I expected much more from her but she could have brushed up a bit better considering it is for HER OWN fashion range.

So Tulisa’s choice of outfit to her own fashion range launch is my #FailOfTheWeek.

Do you agree/disagree? Let me know below.