First of all, please accept our profound apologies. We have said several times, that we will no longer bore you to death with stuff about the Female Boss. Yeah, the boss who is getting beaten up by Nicole Scherzinger in the style stakes on X Factor. That boss. So here goes.

As if Tulisa’s outfits during the X Factor live shows weren’t bad enough she decided to go for a little afterparty with JLS and James Arthur at Aura nightclub wearing green wrapping paper. Judging from the detail, it appears this was from Clinton Cards. Well Christmas is in the air, after all.

The bandeau metallic green dress with floral detailing (or fish scale detailing) looked like something she could have probably made herself in arts and crafts class; when she was nine. Mum always knew it would come in useful one day.

Ignoring the sea world theme of the dress, the style of it isn’t the most flattering. It looked stiff, appeared to be a size too big and made the singer look shapeless. There is little that is fashionable about this dress, apart from its metallic finish.

It reminds me of something a bridesmaid would be forced to wear to a gypsy wedding – heavy emphasis on the word ‘forced’.

The wrap around style with the belted middle is dated and makes the dress seem unfinished. One thing I will say, the bright pink lip and subtle eye make up works well against the vibrant green of the dress. And her hair looks cute. Well done, love.

Maybe it’s an early Halloween outfit and she’s going as a mermaid/sea-creature? That’s the only way I’ll understand this outfit choice.

Pappzd Verdict: Hang The Stylist