Holy shit. Remember when people would wish you the best after going through hours of labour and bringing a healthy baby into world?

Well forget it, because Twitter trolls will now ruin your celebrations by sending your baby death threats, as 24-year-old first time mum Adele Adkins, from Tottenham found out.

You think I’m joking?

One Twitter user, Vanessa Bieber who uses the Twitter ID (@PerfFemale), tweeted to her 4,000 followers;

Aw Adele gave birth to a baby. Is it fat and handicapped lol? Just murder it already lol.

WTF? Why would you say shit like that? Even if you’re a twisted sick ufck on crystal meths, I’d still expect you to have some level of respect. But ohhh no!

The user been deleted from Twitter, along with @PerfFemale whose last tweet was;

I apologize to @OfficialAdele ilove her and im sorry..im deleting my twitter and im never coming back..bye.

But some celebrities, like US superstar comedian and host of E!’s Fashion Police Joan Rivers, just don’t seem to give a damn, tweeting:

The 79-year-old may just get away with it though as her style is all about going very close to the knuckle. Joan Rivers goes in on absolutely everybody, even her daughter. Even herself.

Lana Del Ray wasn’t impressed though, tweeting:

On a brighter note, almost everybody else has taken the time to congratulate Adele, including Jessie J, tweeting:

We wish Adele the best with her new family. No doubt she’ll be rolling in her sleep in the nights to come.