O2 user Tunde24_7 who had a ‘road’ conversation with O2 on Twitter

When an O2 user, known only as Tunde, tweeted mobile network O2 in road talk, he couldn’t really have expected to be taken seriously; I mean, we all have a bit of a ‘take it to the streets’ rant when services we pay for don’t work.

Tunde tweeted:

However, O2 being the progressive global company they are have gone a step further than hiring staff who can speak Tamil, Gujarati or Polish and actually got themselves staff who speak one of the most widely spoken languages in the UK, Road.

O2’s Twitter support staff promptly came to Tunde’s aid

Ever the opportunist, Tunde immediately forgot about all the problems he was having with O2 and moved in

Tunde also acknowledged just how impressive O2’s Road language support is

However, professional as ever, O2 staff kept it strictly bi’ness

When he realised his sweetboy moves weren’t being appreciated, Tunde resorted to what any Roadman worth his ego would naturally do and went back on the offensive

Tunde is becoming a celebrity now as he tweeted:

Even grime stars are rating his conversation with O2

We hope Tunde managed to get his internet issues sorted, but major props to O2 for the way they handled the messages.

Maybe they’ll throw Tunde a couple of Nando’s vouchers or something. Or better yet, an Oxford English dictionary.