As the sun has been hiding away most days and it gets darker earlier, it’s time to mirror that in our makeup.

One of this season’s hottest make up looks is the berry/vampy trend. Colours can range from purple to red as long as they’re deep and rich. It’s a look that draws attention to the lips so is best worn with simple eye make up and a deep blusher colour.

But if you really want to glam it up, wear this look with a subtle and shimmery smoky eye. This look will carry you through the days and nights and suits the lightest to the darkest of skin tones.

Here are some options of the lip products out there to help you achieve this season’s look. Click on the price or image to buy.

Nars Plum Lipgloss by Space NK – £19

Dark lips can be understandably scary if you’ve never done them before. If you’re used to wearing nudes and neutrals it can be a big step so starting off with a lip gloss is always the best way.

Testing out a bold colour in a sheer form can show you if it suits you or not without committing to something too different. It is also a good option for those who prefer to wear lighter make up. Click on the price or image above to buy.

Stila Lip and Cheek Tint by Space NK – £16

A lip tint is also a good option for those just starting out with a new look as it gives a sheer colour to your lips but it’s also buildable for those who want a bolder look. However, this one is a stain and will stay on for hours and hours.

So this is eating-proof, drinking-proof, kissing-proof… you get the drift. If you’re not one of those people who constantly reapply their make up during the day and need it for longer days, then this is for you. Click on the price or image above to buy.

Nars Matte Lipstick in Valparaiso by Space NK – £18.50

This matte lipstick by Nars gives a vivid colour to the lips and is not for the faint-hearted. Because of its matte finish, this vampy coloured lipstick is longer lasting than glossier alternatives and has a fearless look. Click on the price or image above to buy.

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