Wiley has discussed his strained relationship with Dizzee Rascal in an interview with Time Out Dubai.

The Heatwave star, who’s out in Dubai at the moment for a performance at DXB Music Festival, stated the obvious when he said that the pair are “not best friends”.

He told Time Out Dubai:

We’ve come back to a halt. We’re not best friends, but we’re not enemies.

When asked where the tension came from,Wiley said that as similar artists both signed to XL records, they couldn’t both be successful at the same time:

 I wasn’t ready. When Dizzee became Dizzee he wasn’t ready, but he was the best on that day. I haven’t had my best day [yet].

And then, Wiley being Wiley he added:

 Dizzee’s not having his day today.

Looks like your hopes for a reconciliation are off the cards then, Wiley.