Conor Maynard will perform at the 2012 MOBO Awards in Liverpool

Conor Maynard seems to have found a fan in grime star Wiley.

After it was announced that Conor and Labrinth are set to perform at this year’s MOBO Awards in Liverpool, many Twitter users argued that Wiley should take to the stage as well. Wiley even asked the organisers nicely:

A fan then said that Conor Maynrad should be bumped, and that Wiley should take his place:

We can’t deny that the fan has a genuine point. However, Wiley then surprised everyone by sticking up for the young Can’t Say No singer:

For a star who is no stranger to controversy, it seems odd that Wiley wouldn’t take this easy opportunity to have a rant.

Maybe he’s trying to keep on the good side of the MOBO organizers so he gets that performance slot after all?