Megaman and Wiley as they were back in the day

File this one under ‘Never Gonna Happen’ and ‘Slightly Awkward.’

I just don’t know what’s wrong with Wiley. First he calls out to Dizzee Rascal – who isn’t his friend – to make a track together, and now he’s stating that Megaman – who also isn’t his friend – should be on his new album.

Alright, ‘not his friend’ is an understatement; these two have had problems in the past. Which makes it slightly awkward that Wiley feels he would ‘need’ to get Megaman on his album.

Megaman also sensed the weirdness and responded, tweeting:

Wiley then went on to have a moment and tweet links to several So Solid videos:

And so on…

To which Megaman replied:

With Wiley replying:

Slight hint of sarcasm there? However Wiley wanted to carry on his game by saying:

Megaman didn’t rise to Wiley’s antics though:

Wiley just loves the game playing doesn’t he?!