In an interview with The Sun, Wretch 32 has expressed his desires to use his fame to try and help other talented musicians reach the same levels of success as himself. As someone who has been in the industry for 10 years and been told that his lyrics are “too deep” for mainstream, Wretch really recognises the struggle that some new artists may face.

I kinda see in the new wave of talent and I feel like as a mentor I could help them channel it. I’ve come across this amazing guy called George The Poet. And he’s absolutely phenomenal. He goes and does poetry at some crazy places. Just to see that, is such a great thing, being able to expose him to a bigger audience, I’m happy to be part of someone’s journey like that.

Nice mention of George the Poet there. He also explained how he sometimes goes to underground events to stalk new talent:

Going to watch a show and nobody knows I’m there, just to see how someone performs, no pressure, then seeing them again in another venue, there’s something about that – that does something for me. Like I’m finding super-hidden talent.

However, the rapper couldn’t imagine himself being in the same ‘higher power’ position as Simon Cowell and doesn’t wish to be a judge or mentor on a talent shows like the X Factor and The Voice.

For me I haven’t done that stuff because I feel like the people I want to find, I want to find them naturally. Not coming to see me in one day – I don’t know how I’d handle that.

Oh, shame. It would be fun to see Wretch on a big spinning chair.