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An armed robbery has gone down in Brent Cross shopping centre. Watch the videos for CCTV and camera-phone images.

According to BBC news, six people entered Brent Cross at around 10.30 this morning on three motorbikes, with axes and guns. If the buzz on Twitter has any truth in it, they robbed a Fraser Hart jewellery store, and were in and out in minutes.

A section of the shopping centre has also apparently been closed off to the public, while the rest is still open.

It’s not confirmed yet whether or not they they got away with anything, as they apparently dropped their haul, but the police are already on their job and on the lookout.

Here are some early reactions from people on twitter

Sounds like something out of the Italian Job or Grand Theft Auto, and I’m not quite sure where these guys thought they were. Bet they’re feeling pretty stupid if it is true that they didn’t actually get away with the stuff they nicked.

All I know is, this kind of thing rarely  ever happens in England, strangely exciting.