Bashy took to Twitter to let everybody know just how hard he is on his grind, perhaps revealing a bit too much about his private life at the same time:

Bashy used to tweet he was having too many lonely nights, we just hope for his sake the grind is worth it.

However, sexy GRM Daily presenter Claira Hermet saw Bashy’s tweet and responded:

She then went on to say:

Ohhhhhh! FFS! These two need to get a room! Is it only me who can see a straight forward, simple solution to both these stars’ predicament?

And what happened to Bashy’s game? Everybody knows SNAP stands for ‘So Need a Press’ – how could he not see the blatant hint! She even tells him how great it’s gonna be. Hello!

I suggest these two just get on to one another’s DMs and organise some mutual therapy or something.

Bashy, grind on sir.