Yasmine Notice and Whitney Notice

Sisters Yasmine Notice, 20, and Whitney Notice, 19, from Birmingham have been jailed after sexually assaulting a 22-year-old man with learning difficulties at gunpoint.

The sisters used a replica handgun to commit the crime, forcing the victim to drink large amounts of cider then taking him to a flat where they forced him to strip and perform sexual acts for 90 minutes.

The sisters met the man over social media and trapped him by inviting him over for drinks.

Police were alerted of the sisters’ sexual assault towards the man after being asked to investigate images sent over BlackBerry Messenger. DC Emma Fennon who was investigating the case said of the footage:

In the video the man – who is a vulnerable adult – can be seen cowering, fearing for his life, whilst the girls are heard laughing in the background. We believe this may not have been the first time they have carried out such abuse as other images discovered on their phones suggest there could be more victims.

It is alleged that the victim made a racist comment which sparked Whitney Notice’s extreme reaction. The girls also robbed the victim of his mobile phone and money before making him perform a sexual act on himself as they filmed it.

He was also kicked in the face by a third accomplice, Anthony Jones, aged 18.

One of the sisters probably felt like things had gone too far as Yasmine, who is also currently pregnant, told her sister Whitney and accomplice Anthony to stop their abuse on the victim. Yasmine also later sent the victim a text apologising for the incident.

Yasmine was sentenced to seven years and two months imprisonment with her sister Whitney being sentenced to five years and four months.

Both women are required to register on the sex offenders list for life whilst Anthony Jones must register for five. Jones was also given a three year rehabilitation order.