PC David Hair (left), PC Kevin Hughes (right)

Two Metropolitan police officers, PC David Hair and PC Kevin Hughes, are on trial at Westminster Magistrates Court for making racist comments towards colleagues and members of the public whilst on duty.

The officers who work in Newham, were suspended on 5 April as a result of these accusations. PC Hair, aged 42, allegedly joked about a black colleague working overtime stating that he was surprised she was doing overtime as he thought that she would be “going home to cook bananas.”

When asked about it in court, Hair admitted to making the comment but claims that he “could have named any food” and it had nothing to do with the fact that his colleague, PC Julia Dacres, was black.

PC Hughes, aged 36, was alleged to have made comments about three black men standing on the road saying:

Look at them, they look like… monkeys.

And then went on to allegedly say that black people were closely related to chimpanzees, were unevolved and “lived in mud huts in Africa.”

He also allegedly said that the black men walked like monkeys, but in court stated that he wasn’t being racist but simply commenting on the way that the men walked.

The two officers also allegedly mocked Asian culture by calling each other “aunty” and “uncle” in mock Asian accents and commenting that they couldn’t let any Asian colleagues overhear their jokes as complaints might be made.

PC Hair and PC Hughes are facing charges of racially aggravated public order offence and both deny making racist comments.

The trial continues.